She attends rally against NICE at Freedom Park in Bangalore

Social activist Medha Patkar on Thursday lent her support to farmers losing land to Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor being implemented by the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise here.

Speaking at a rally at Freedom Park, Ms. Patkar said that several politicians and Chief Ministers of various parties had worked with many bureaucrats over the years to illegally notify land for the project.

“Managing director of Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) Ashok Kheny has misused the special powers that he had been granted. Many violations are happening in the name of infrastructure,” she alleged.

The total extent of land required for the project is 20,193 acres, of which 13,237 acres of private land is required. However, the private land notified is 20,145 acres, she said. Ms. Patkar said that those affected most include people from minorities and Dalits, which is why the National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements has decided to support residents and farmers in their struggle.

Earlier, Ms. Patkar visited Chikkathogur near Electronics City, Govindshettypalya and Pilliyahalli. Many residents in the area whose houses had been demolished also shared their grievances at the campaign.

The campaign was jointly held with the support of Dalit Sangharsh Samiti (Samyojaka), Karnataka Prantha Raitha Sangha, National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements and Samata Sainik Dal, among others.


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