Prosecution argues that Abdul Nasir Maudany, an accused in 2008 Bangalore serial bomb blasts case was deliberately magnifying and exaggerating his health conditions to gain sympathy of the court to get bail

The State prosecution on Thursday claimed before the Karnataka High Court that Abdul Nasir Maudany, an accused in the 2008 Bangalore serial bomb blasts case, is “deliberately magnifying and exaggerating” all his diseases to gain the sympathy of the court to get bail.

The State also termed as “false, concocted and mischievous” Mr. Maudany’s claim that he has “lost vision in the left eye and was in the verge of losing vision in the right eye.”

“He [Mr. Maudany] has no difficulty in reading newspapers, writing letters, and watching television… He is hale, healthy...,” it was said in the 38-page statement of objections filed by State Public Prosecutor S. Dore Raju opposing Mr. Maudany’s plea for bail.

Justice H.N. Nagamohan Das, before whom Mr. Maudany’s plea came up for hearing, adjourned hearing to July 31 at the request of Mr. Maudany’s counsel.

CCTV images

Meanwhile, CCTV images of Mr. Maudany, captured in his cell at the Bangalore Central Prison, where has been lodged since his arrest in 2010, have been produced in the court along with the statement in support of the prosecution’s claim. The diseases stated by the accused “can be treated by a simple visit to a medical superintendent or physician at the jail hospital,” the prosecution claimed. Slight aggravation in his health condition, the statement said, was due to his failure to comply with the “advice of doctors of Dr. Agarwal Super Speciality Hospital”, where he was treated on his request and at his cost following the court’s earlier direction.

Charges on Soukya

While objecting to providing Mr. Maudany treatment in private hospitals, the prosecution made certain serious allegations against Soukya International Holistic Health Centre, where he was treated both at the cost of the government and at his own cost.

“The accused always prefers the Soukya centre since it is run by people close to him. The conduct of Soukya authorities is motivated and purely unethical. Repeated letters written by Soukya are uncalled for and it is the deliberate act of the private hospital to help the accused. Though they [Soukya authorities] are not authorised, they were in the habit of writing letters voluntarily to the jail authorities suggesting certain follow-up action,” it was alleged in the statement.

Soukya had earlier sent “exorbitant” bills to the State government for treating Mr. Maudany, the prosecution claimed, pointing out that he could be provided additional treatment only in government hospitals having superspeciality facilities in Bangalore.

Being the founder of People’s Democratic Party in Kerala, Mr. Maudany had a sound political clout, influence of men, money and material, and it would be difficult for the police to bring him back to the clutches of law if enlarged on bail, the prosecution said while pointing out the difficulties faced by the police in arresting him. The police had to camp for 10 days near his residence following protests by his supporters.

Wife’s statement

“The wife of the accused, Soofiya Maudany, had stated that her husband had used different SIM cards to contact the other accused a number of times before and after the bomb blasts. The accused himself had six mobile phones and it was corroborated by witnesses in this case,” the prosecution claimed.