Taking their cue from the residents of other villages who have come forward to set up their own units to purify water in their respective villages, the residents of Manakawada village in Navalgund taluk have decided to adapt the cooperative model.

During the visit on Tuesday of the former Minister H.K. Patil, who is spearheading the campaign on the necessity for purified drinking water in villages, the residents told Mr. Patil they would join hands to mobilise funds for the establishment of a water purification unit at their village, which would give them purified water at 10 paise a litre.


Earlier, addressing the village residents, Mr. Patil said access to purified water was not just for the rich. He said that with the objective to help the poor gain access to purified water, the K.H. Patil Foundation and Rural Medical Service Society, Gadag, had launched the campaign on purified water.

Mr. Patil said that initially, the campaign would focus on villages that were dependent on water bodies like ponds and tanks for their drinking water needs.

Water-borne diseases

He elaborated on how people were suffering from various water-borne diseases because of impure drinking water. He appealed to them to have their own units set up in their village to get purified water.

Responding to his plea, president of the gram panchayat Hanumanthgouda Patil and village elders R.R. Mankani and others said that they would mobilise land and funds for the facility.

The former Minister K.N. Gaddi, former MLAs D.R. Patil and Ajjampeer Khadri, JD(S) leader N.H. Konaraddi and others were present.

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