An exhibition of an array of products developed by the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) was held here at its facility on Friday to mark National Technology Day.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation's premier research arm put on display a wide range of products — from food to food-testing kits — meant for the armed forces. Most of the food products have a shelf life of one year.

Ready-to-eat meals which included vegetable/chicken pulav, preserved chapattis, suji kichdi, soya fortified oat bar, and cholay mix, were all aimed at meeting the gastronomical needs of the country's soldiers.

The exhibition also included colourful squashes made from vegetables and fruits that were said to be rich in antioxidants and could last for six months, according to a source. There were also sea buckthorn biscuits, bun, cakes, rusks, all rich in fibre and antioxidants. Sea buckthorn is a wild plant that grows in the Himalayas.

Sea buckthorn fruits and leaves are rich in minerals and antioxidants, and the products developed from them are said to help in controlling ageing, cataract, diabetes, etc., according to DFRL.

The ready-to-eat ‘one-man ration', containing breakfast, lunch and supper, as also tea and snacks, seemed fit for soldiers who manned difficult terrains.

The kits

Hurdle technology and the toxin detection kits on display were extensively used in the fruits and vegetables market to churn out products such as tomato sambar paste, sweet pumpkin mix and other dehydrated food items. Hurdle technology is a method of ensuring that pathogens such as bacteria and viruses in food products are stopped or controlled.

. The ash gourd squash given to visitors was so refreshing that it left little doubt that the products were as appetising as they were practical.

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