Following complaints about an HIV patient not being admitted to the hospital for treatment, Director of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Vasantha Kamath has ordered an inquiry into the issue.

She got the patient admitted to the hospital on Tuesday after which treatment was started.

On Monday, the patient, who is from a village near Laxmeshwar, came to the hospital with boils on his body and throat.

He was referred to the ENT section. As his condition was serious, his family members reportedly urged the doctors to admit him.

However, after it became known that he was HIV positive, he was allegedly asked to get treatment elsewhere.

Subsequently, his family brought him to Chitaguppi Hospital run by the municipal corporation and got him admitted there.

However, after television news channels reported the story, the hospital authorities played down the incident saying that nothing of that sort had happened.

But on Tuesday the hospital authorities said that the patient was referred to the surgical department but he was not taken there.


When contacted, Dr. Kamath told The Hindu that what had happened was unfortunate. But she had immediately got the patient back to KIMS Hospital.

“It is being said that the patient was referred to the surgical department. I have ordered an inquiry,” she said.

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