Unique Identification Number (Aadhaar) will be issued to all residents of Karnataka in phases over the next couple of months. The State Government has prepared a plan to ensure that all residents are covered.

For obtaining the UID number, people have to go to designated centres and provide the required information. On fulfilling the requirements, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will dispatch the numbers by registered post to each individual.

The Department of e-Governance of the State government is the registrar for the issue of numbers (an overall authority for the programme). While the process of issuing UID numbers in Bangalore Rural and adjoining districts will commence on April 1, the programme will be launched in Bangalore city on May 1. All residents in the State are expected to be issued numbers by December 2011.

Documentary proof

People have to provide documentary proof prescribed by the UIDAI as evidence of proof of identity, proof of address and date of birth — termed as Know Your Resident information. At the designated centre, people have to provide their biometric details (their fingerprints and photograph will be taken and iris scanned). Interestingly, the UID number card is only for residents above the age of 15. Those below the age of 15 will be given a number on production of birth certificate, and the number will form a composite part of the parental card.

Principal Secretary, Department of e-Governance, M.N. Vidyashankar, who is overseeing the implementation of the UID number programme, told The Hindu that the project implemented so far in Mysore and Tumkur from October 8, 2010 had been regarded a success.

As on January 31, 6,49,998 residents of the State have been issued UID numbers. About 20,000 residents are being enrolled on a daily basis in the two districts and the target is to issue UID numbers to 95 per cent of the nearly 50 lakh population in the two districts by June-end. Of the nearly 20 lakh people enrolled across the country, nearly 14 lakh are residents of Karnataka.

Mr. Vidyashankar said Karnataka had scored over all States in the implementation of the programme, although Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh launched it ahead of the State.

The implementation of the programme is set to pick up pace across Karnataka with the finalising of the bids for its coverage in 26 districts in about a week.

While Wipro and Comsat Technologies have been given the task of enrolment in Tumkur and Mysore, several other companies are expected to be involved in the remaining districts. The UIDAI will spend Rs. 34.35 for the issue of each number — a card that will have the number, photo of the resident and a barcode.

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