Census 2011 for Karnataka has some good news and bad tidings, especially for a burgeoning urban Bangalore.

The population of Bangalore district has gone up to 96.21 lakh. Bangalore district has the lowest ratio of 916 women to 1,000 men; slightly better than 908 in 2001.

The population of the State has increased 15.6 per cent to reach 6.10 crore since 2001, though Karnataka retains the ninth place in the country.

Over 3.09 crore are men and 3.01 crore are women. The sex ratio increased from 965 women to 1,000 men in 2001 to 973 women in 2011. The rural ratio increased to 979 (977 in 2001) and the urban ratio to 963 (942 in 2001). Udupi district tops with 1,094 women to 1,000 men.

T.K. Anil Kumar, Director of Census Operations, Karnataka, released the 2011 census abstract data here on Thursday.

Bangalore also has the dubious credit of having the highest density of 4,381 people per sq km, followed by Mysore with 476, while oranges and coffee land Kodagu has the least density of people at 135 per sq km. The State capital also shows a high growth of 47 per cent in the decade since 2001 and Chikmagalur is at the end of the scale with a slide of 0.26 per cent. The new Yadgir district has recorded the second highest growth of 22.81 per cent.

A significantly large 75.37 per cent of the population is literate compared to the 2001 census figure of 66.64 per cent. Literacy among men has increased to 82.47 per cent (earlier 76.10 per cent); and for women to 68.08 per cent (from 56.87 per cent.)

Urban population has increased by 4.68 per cent in the last decade. As much as 3.74 crore people or over two-thirds of the State’s population live in rural areas.

Population-wise, Belgaum ranks second with 47.79 lakh people and Mysore with 30 lakh people. Kodagu is the least populous at 5.54 lakh. The State overall has over 1.33 crore households compared to 1.04 crore in 2001.

The percentage for children aged less than six has fallen to 11.72 (13.59 in 2001).

The number of cultivators has decreased to over 65.8 lakh (68.8 lakh in 2001). Bangalore Rural has registered the biggest drop of 9.55 per cent followed by Mysore (9.26 per cent).