On the lines of a legislation in Maharashtra, the State Government is in favour of a law against superstition and black magic to take appropriate and stringent social and legal measures to effectively prevent inhuman practices such as sacrificing domestic animals, black magic, sinister and aghori practices and to save the common people falling prey to the sinister designs of black magicians and conmen.

Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister T B Jayachandra told presspersons here on Monday that the Karnataka Prevention of Human Sacrifices and Other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices, Black Magic Bill would be placed before the coming State Legislative Assembly.

He said the main objective of the Bill is to create awareness among the people and prevent harmful practices, usages, black magic, and such other inhuman, evil sinister designs by astrologers and conmen. The illiterate and educated people fall prey to the black magicians whose false claims of possessing magical or miraculous remedies and anti-social activities damaged the social fibre.

Taking advantage of ignorance in some sections of the society, astrologers and black magicians propagate various practices and exploit the common people.

Mr Jayachandra said the Social Welfare Department has been asked to submit a proposal on the Bill. The Law Department would also hold discussions with experts and academicians of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, before drafting the Bill, he said.



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