‘Resolve the issue without confrontation’

“It is possible to evolve a common framework for judicious and optimum utilisation of river waters among riparian States without confrontation,” said noted poet from Dharwad Chennaveera Kanavi.

He was speaking at an award-presentation ceremony organised by the B.A. Sanadi Samskrutik Pratishthan in Belgaum on Sunday.

At the ceremony, veteran freedom fighter and Gandhian M.V. Shetty of Belgaum was presented the Kannada Gaditilak Award. Indrakumar H.B. of Davangere was presented the Janna Sanadi Sahitya Award. Both the awards have been instituted by the pratishthan.

Mr. Kanavi said that the Karnataka government should find a proper way to utilise its share of river waters with riparian States without giving scope for confrontation. The Centre had found solutions to resolve inter-State disputes on water-sharing in an amicable way and it was also possible for Karnataka and other States to solve these problems in the best interests of the people.

Without making any reference to any individual or an organisation, he disapproved the voices being raised from some regions in the State for separate Statehood. He said, perhaps, all those who make such demands had not realised the importance of reorganisation of States on the basis of language. Language had been a major factor for unification and talks of further splits in the State would not auger well.

Mr. Kanavi drew attention towards growing influence of globalisation on indigenous language and cultures. He said that the effect of globalisation was such that some people were becoming global citizens and it was the responsibility of the government and society to develop a congenial environment to strengthen Kannada and native cultural traits. Language cannot be strengthened or developed merely by running Kannada medium schools but a congenial environment was needed to be created where children are motivated to learn Kannada language and honour native cultural values.

Also, it is not sufficient to pass legislations on compulsory education to children. The government needed to implement the Right to Education Act in word and spirit, Mr. Kanavi said.

He also expressed concern over the people equating information to knowledge and wisdom, and added that the latter was dynamic and a driving force. But, many in the race to accumulate information were losing out on the essence of knowledge and wisdom.

B.A. Sanadi released a souvenir on the occasion.

Senior advocate S.V. Patil and writer Jyoti Hosur were present.

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