Corporates in Bangalore are trying to make their premises A(H1N1) virus-proof. Several of them have launched precautionary measures within their companies to prevent spread of the epidemic.

Some companies, including software major Wipro, have even declared a four-day “cooling off” period for their staff returning from abroad after a business trip.

During the cooling off period, the staff would rest at house instead of coming to office as that would pose a threat to other employees if they have contracted the virus abroad.

Representatives of various corporates shared the precautionary measures taken by them to tackle the A(H1N1) virus at an interactive programme organised by the Bangalore Chambers of Commerce and Industry with Health Principal Secretary I.R. Perumal in Bangalore on Friday.

The representatives said they had made it mandatory for their staff to desist from coming to work if they developed any symptoms of flu. Some companies had even made arrangements with private hospitals for screening the affected staff. Such employees could rejoin work only after hospitals declared them fit.

The companies have started a campaign within them through e-mails and posters to create awareness among the staff about the A(H1N1) virus, its symptoms, ways of preventing it and steps to be taken if they felt that they had the symptoms.

The representative from Wipro said the company had increased the frequency of cleaning its washrooms to three times a day in areas where the staff work round the clock. The cleaning of door knobs and staircase railings had been increased to twice a day.

Companies in the hospitality industry have gone a step ahead when it comes to taking precautionary measures. The representative of Hotel Lalit Ashok said the hotel was trying to create awareness among its staff about maintaining high level of personal hygiene which involved 32 steps of hand-washing. “There is a difference between simply washing hands and sanitising your hands,” remarked the representative.

While some companies said they had made wearing of masks mandatory, some others said they did not follow such rules as wearing of masks did not guarantee a healthy person against contracting the epidemic.

During the cooling off period, the staff will rest at house and not come to office Some companies have made arrangements with private hospitals for screening affected staff.

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