CII vice-chairman urges industries to reduce carbon footprint by bettering supply chain operations

“India has an excellent ability to innovate and generate ideas, but lacks the planning and execution skills to back this,” said R.C. Jagadesh, vice-chairman, CII Mysore, and Director (Operations and Technology) at Kluber Lubrications India Pvt. Ltd.

A release said he was delivering a special address at the CII Mysore Conference on ‘Driving business performance through supply chain management’ in the city on Friday.

Mr. Jagadesh stressed on the importance of designing supply chains and having reliable partners in improving supply chain efficiency. He appealed to industries to make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, as 75 per cent of an industry’s carbon footprint is said to be the direct result of supply chain operations, the release added.

D.N. Suresh, CEO-Supply Chain Centre at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, delivered the keynote address. Comparing India with other leading economies of the world, he pointed out that Germany adhered to processes and relied on coordination, whereas Japan gave leeway to supply-chain managers while following processes.

Equal focus

Mr. Suresh quoted the example of China using the concept developed by HP to use trains instead of airways to transport computer components to even far-off places like Western Europe and Russia. “Supply chain management today needs to focus equally on the intangible elements like standards and protocols, willingness and trust, which can act as efficient enablers in supply chains,” said Dr. Suresh. “Supply chain management has to improve through infrastructure, institutions and service providers,” he added.

In this context he underlined the role of the government in improving infrastructure and reducing dependence on road transport and shift to railways to reduce the energy requirement.

Rajiv Rajpal, CEO-Gear Business Group, Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., cited a study to point out that India ranked 132 when it came to ease of conducting business. He hoped that a business environment would develop that was more conducive to the manufacturing industry.

He spoke on the importance of improving technology and managing talent. He also stated that supply chain management played a crucial role in attaining cost leadership. There were eight speakers and about 80 participants from different industries in Mysore and Coimbatore, the release added.

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