Models of a dinosaur and a panda catch the imagination of visitors

A large number of people visited the Independence Day Flower Show at the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden here on Sunday. The sunny day saw visitors from different age groups making a beeline to Lal Bagh to enjoy the artistic floral designs on show organised by the Mysore Horticulture Society.

The main attraction of the show — 3D floral designs in the Glass House such as a tree hut fashioned out of exotic flowers — tall models of a dinosaur, a panda, etc., seemed to have caught the imagination of the visitors, who stood patiently in a long queue to have a closer view.

Cacti house, a honey-bee rearing centre, besides stalls selling fruits and vegetables, nurseries, handicraft, were part of the attractions.

“As it was sunny, we decided to visit in the morning, instead of in the evening when the flowers may be in full bloom,” said Sumati and Prakash, a couple, both software engineers.

First-time visitor Radhika from Kurnool, accompanied by her child, husband and relatives, was all praise for the organisers. “The replica of a dinosaur, the panda and the ducks are really imaginative,” she said. Among the first-time visitors were Ajjappa Lakkappa Dandina, Chigadoli and Arjun Siddappa Ramannavar from Belgaum district. “We have come here on business and got the opportunity to enjoy the show,” they said.

The day gave hope for vendors selling soft drinks, groundnuts, condiments and chats after going without much business on the first two days. “Not many visited Lalbagh on Saturday evening because of the drizzle. Today, we are doing some business,” said a vendor.

According to M. Jagadeesh, Deputy Director of Horticulture, Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, over 85,000 persons visited on Sunday. It was 55,000 on Saturday, he said.

With thousands visiting Lalbagh, traffic snarls were witnessed on Hosur Road, Lal Bagh Road and Double Road. A large number of vehicles were found parked on surrounding roads.