Sindhia should stop indulging in dirty politics

Congress MLA D.K. Shivakumar has denied allegations that he is involved in a witch-hunt in Kanakapura against those who campaigned against him during the recent Assembly elections.

In a statement to The Hindu on Wednesday, Mr. Shivakumar said the charges made in the June 16 edition of our paper (titled ‘D.K. Shivakumar’s political rivals running scared’) are a “figment of the imagination and a bundle of utter lies”. “During my 30 years of political life, I have never indulged in political witch-hunting.”

Blaming P.G.R. Sindhia, his political rival from the Janata Dal (Secular), for spreading canards about him, he said Mr. Sindhia was trying to politicise a non-issue after having “lost miserably” in the elections.

He also responded to the allegation that a trench was dug around G.H. Prakash’s house in Kanakapura to take revenge against him for defecting from the Congress. He said that the land on which the trench was dug belonged to his brother D.K. Suresh

“My brother and I have not encroached on an inch of land as alleged by Mr. Prakash. My oath-taking as MLA has nothing to do with my brother constructing a compound wall on his land. My family has donated 10 acres of personal land to start a degree and pre-degree college in Kodihalli. We have also donated sufficient land at Kanakapura for construction and distribution of Ashraya houses to the homeless. Such being the case, Sri Sindhia, who is desperate after his humiliating defeat in the polls, is trying to make use of every opportunity to cast aspersions against me and my brother and malign my political image as a Congress leader,” he said.

“Instead of projecting me as a criminal, let Sindhia, stop indulging in dirty politics which will harm the peace in the constituency.”

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