The Chief Justice asked the question while hearing PILs on other issues

While referring to the incident of attack on youngsters, including girls, at a ‘homestay’ during a birthday party in Mangalore on Saturday, the Karnataka High Court on Monday asked why no public interest litigation (PIL) petition had been filed in this regard.

A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Vikramajit Sen and Justice Aravind Kumar posed this question to the advocates for the petitioners and respondents during the hearing on the PIL petition filed by Eric Ozario and others from Mangalore seeking a direction to consider many scripts for Konkani language.

The Chief Justice observed that the Mangalore incident had more public interest than the one raised in the petition and asked why the petitioners have not filed PIL regarding the attack as they are from that place.

He posed the same question to a petitioner, who sought to move a PIL petition on legislators’ proposed foreign tour.