Bangalore Rocks!” is what Oliver Sean had to say after his performance at the Hard Rock Cafe last Thursday.

From being termed as the hottest international offering by The Sun, getting listed in the Top 44 successful artistes in the world by Rave USA to being nominated for his debut album ‘I Like It' with John Mayer, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams and third Eye Blind for the international album of the year by ‘AV Max', Oliver was back in the city two years since his last performance with his single and title track from album ‘So Good'. This new album has been certified platinum by W.O.A. Records. His performance here has been part of the Oliver Sean Tour across the country's metros.

Oliver's Portuguese, Italian and Goan roots are reflected in his eclectic music that fuses mainstream rock with classical world instruments. Starting with the title song from ‘So Good', he continued to belt out other popular covers, which had the crowd singing along. From original songs to covers, the singer/songwriter spent a good one and a half hours entertaining an assortment of Bangalore's music enthusiasts and diners who cheered him on through a solo set with backing tracks. Oliver's music is not inspired by any one musician but a number of them such as Eric Clapton, Sting, Michael Jackson, Elvis and the Doors.

His performance was fresh and a huge break from the regular heavy metal sounds that dominate Hard Rock Café on most Thursday nights. What was interesting about Oliver's music is that an avid listener of most 80s and 90s rock would find it easy to identify sounds of artistes who have influenced him. More importantly, he took time out to explain what his songs meant rather then expecting the crowd to take him at his word. Which is why you agree with him when he says: “I have always tried to make music that can be enjoyed by five to fifty-year-olds.”

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Beat BoxMarch 9, 2011