The Hassan City Municipal Council (CMC) and Hassan Cooperative Milk Producers’ Societies Union are at loggerheads over setting up temporary sheds in vacant plots sanctioned by the CMC, to sell Nandini products here.

While the CMC has alleged that the milk union was constructing permanent structures in the guise of temporary sheds, the union defends its structures as non-permanent.

The CMC had sanctioned 16 plots at a monthly rent of Rs. 150 to Rs. 300. Among them, nine were allotted by the CMC in May 2010, while the remaining seven in June 2013.

So far, sheds have come up in 10 plots. Construction of the remaining was under progress. The union allots these structures to those interested, through tender process, and the highest bidder gets the shed for two years. The union earns a monthly rent varying from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000 and shopkeepers are permitted to sell only KMF products.

CMC Commissioner V.H. Krishnamurthy said he took objection to the construction of one such structure at Basattikoplu road near Slator’s Hall, and pointed out that the union had violated the conditions laid by the CMC.

He said a notice had been issued to the union on January 29 stating that it had taken up construction of a permanent structure. He appealed to the union to remove the permanent structure and erect a temporary shed in its place.

The issue got political significance after the former Minister H.D. Revanna, who is president of the union, took objection to the CMC’s notice.

He reportedly called up the CMC Commissioner and warned him of dire consequences if he failed to follow his words.

Mr. Krishnamurthy, on Saturday, told The Hindu, “the plots were allotted to support sale of KMF products. The union cannot go for permanent structures, which can’t be removed. But, the union is constructing brick walls. They should place only sheds, which can be removed in case the plots are required by the CMC for road widening or any other projects.”

The milk union, however, said the structures were all temporary.

Gopalaiah, Managing Director of the union, said, “we raise brick wall for two-three feet as it is required to keep gadgets such as refrigerators. The rest is temporary. We are not coming up with permanent structures.”

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