The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) has said that governments at the Centre and the State have failed to address crucial issues such as unemployment.

At a State-level convention here on Friday, DYFI members spoke about how both the BJP government in the State and the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre had failed the youth.

At the inauguration of the convention, Kannada writer Ko. Channabasappa said the youth would play an important role in the forthcoming Assembly elections in the State. “The youth of the State have seen for themselves how bourgeoisie parties have simply used them during elections and completely failed them when in power,” he said.

Film actor Chetan said the youth must be informed, and emphasised on the role theatre and films could play in sensitising the youth about social issues.

B. Rajashekar Murthy, State secretary, DYFI, said the youth in Karnataka had been cheated by the State government, and apart from announcing “youth-friendly policies” little had been done to generate new jobs in the State. On the contrary, he pointed out, there had been a freeze on recruitment as far as government jobs go. “As for the Congress, its neo-liberal agenda has led to rampant contractualisation and outsourcing of jobs, even within the government sector. Their policies only safeguard the interests of big businesses, and these have in no way benefitted the vast population of our youth,” he said. “Even the so-called regional parties such as the BSR Congress and the KJP are purely opportunistic,” he added.

M.B. Rajesh, DYFI national president, said the campaigning tactics of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi did not fool the youth of the country. “The Indian youth will judge him by the performance of his government in the last two terms. And in this respect, the government has disappointed the people,” he said.

He also exhorted DYFI members in Karnataka to take their campaigns to every constituency and expose the “people-unfriendly” policies of both the governments.


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