The traffic police have reportedly decided to go slow on enforcing the ban on sun film in view of the Global Investors Meet (GIM) on June 7 and 8.

After the expiry of the June 5 deadline, the traffic police were supposed to book cases against the vehicle owners who had not complied with the Supreme Court order on removing the sun films.

Sources in the police told The Hindu Wednesday the enforcement could cause chaos on the roads and send wrong signals about the city's traffic to foreign GIM delegates.

Besides, most of the traffic officials would be busy for the next two days managing vehicles near the GIM venue and in the central business district.

So the traffic police, at least for the next few days, will merely warn drivers who have not removed the sun film. It is said that only the officers of the rank of inspectors have been assigned with the job of booking the cases.

When contacted, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M. Abdullah Saleem said they had not booked a single case so far.

Around 75 per cent of vehicle owners in the city have already removed sun filters and the rest would do it in a few days.

‘Effective campaign'

“We have done a very effective campaign using billboards and hoardings,” he said. On the other hand, Transport Department police on Tuesday booked cases against 200 vehicle owners for non-compliance.

A senior official said they had no intention of extending the deadline.