It was a children's day out at the Mysore zoo, which opened up its premises for them free of cost to mark Children's Day on Monday.

The zoo was flooded with schoolchildren from the city and surrounding places in view of the free entry for those up to 10 years of age.

As a special gesture, the zoo authorities also introduced tiger cubs to the open enclosure surrounded by a moat. The zoo was thronged by excited children, some of whom were accompanied by their parents.

Not surprisingly, the zoo authorities were kept busy with the antics of these students near animal enclosures that frequently invited disapproval from the keepers.

A few of the star attractions at the zoo included the tigers and their cubs, elephants, leopards and chimpanzees, and naturally these enclosures drew a large crowd.

Likewise, the Karnataka Exhibition Authority kept its premises open for children free of cost till noon. The amusement park, too, was popular on Monday as the students got rides on the giant wheel and merry-go-round at a discount.


The Department of Archaeology and Museums organised a painting competition for students who gave vent to their creativity and focussed on painting monuments and architectural ruins from their history books.

Adventurous day

The students of Kautilya Vidyalaya had a memorable outing with a few of them getting an opportunity to go parasailing.

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