Benedict Barboza, husband of the nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who allegedly committed suicide in London on December 7, said on Monday that the family would decide on the future course of action only after the receipt of the inquest report.

He was speaking at a media conference in Shirva. The media conference was called by Mr. Barboza. But Mr. Barboza answered only a few questions; most of the queries were answered by his family friends Steven Almeida and Roque D’Cunha on Mr. Barboza’s behalf. On whether Jacintha was harassed at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, Mr. Almeida, said that the matter was being investigated by the police.

To another question, Mr. Almeida said that Mr. Barboza, his son, Junal, and daughter, Lisha, would continue to live in the United Kingdom. Mr. Junal would continue his passion to be a footballer, while Ms. Lisha would pursue her studies. The children would not be coming back to India, he said.

To another question on whether Mr. Barboza was in touch with his family in India after his wife committed suicide, Mr. Barboza replied in the affirmative. To media reports that Jacintha had a dispute with a colleague, Mr. Almeida said: “No comments”.

On whether the family envisaged taking legal action against the King Edward VII hospital, Mr. Almeida said that the family would first wait for the investigation to be completed and then decide on the future course of action.

On whether the Australian radio station had called the family to apologise, he said: “Not yet”. On the compensation announced by the Australian radio station, Mr. Almeida said that the family had no information on it.

Mr. Barboza said that the family had not decided when they would leave India for the United Kingdom. “But we are here for Christmas”, he said.

To another query, Mr. Barboza said that it was Jacintha’s wish to be buried at Shirva.

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