The all-woman band with a sunny disposition

Believing in rendering music true to its name, ‘Sunny Side Up' chased away the rain clouds at Kyra recently. The band's mood was infectious, spreading a positive glow on those present with an assortment of popular covers and the group's own compositions.

The city-based, all-woman band comprises Meera Sankar on vocals, Priya Kurian on the acoustic guitar and Swathi Vinod with the tambourine.

“Our music is fun, light and the kind that you would listen to at home or play on the ipod,” says Meera.

“We sing anything and everything — from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga and the Beatles to Linkin Park,” pitches in Priya.

Being an all-woman band surely helps them stand out in a male-dominated industry.

But the three chip in with, “We didn't form the band with that intention, it just turned out that way and it was for the best. We are proud of being an all-woman band; its more interesting and speaks for itself.”

Adds Meera, “We don't do the stereotypical girly stuff that most people expect us to do. In fact, most of the songs we choose are by male vocalists.” Amidst groovy covers and a variety of soulful numbers, the band also performed an impromptu composition using any five words that the audience shouted out. The unusual challenge was an instant crowd-puller.

The band believes there are plenty of talented young girls out there who never go beyond the college choir scene. They must be encouraged to pursue their dreams musically “because there is so much scope” they feel.

And on that optimistic note, the band professes, “This is definitely something for girls to look up to.” So, for upcoming girl bands out there, their advice is: “Don't be afraid. Have fun and as always, live life Sunny Side Up!”

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Beat BoxMarch 9, 2011