Get set to pay more for bus travel in Bangalore and across Karnataka.

With effect from Saturday midnight, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), North Western KRTC and North Eastern KRTC have increased fares by 10.5 per cent. The rate of hike is higher for city commutes, with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) increasing fares by 16 per cent.

For a BMTC ride, the minimum hike is Re. 1 for the first two stages. Between the 8th and 24th stages, the hike is Rs. 3, and for the remaining stages, it is Rs. 4.

However, the fares of air-conditioned have not been touched by both the BMTC as well as the other three RTCs.

High and low

The minimum fare hike for inter-city travel is Rs. 2, while the maximum hike is Rs. 111 on ordinary, express, deluxe and luxury services.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy justified the hike citing increased input costs such as diesel and spare parts, besides hike in dearness allowance to employees, which had burdened the RTCs. For KSRTC alone, the additional burden is Rs. 222.68 crore a year, compared to the Rs. 186.72 crore the fare hike will bring.

Mr. Reddy said the RTCs had been pressing the government to permit the fare hike after the diesel price hike. However, the Assembly elections came in the way.


KSRTC managing director N. Manjunatha Prasad said fares of air-conditioned services were left untouched for now as they are driven by market conditions. “We keep the AC service fares flexible so as to compete with private bus operators,” he said.