The floods in the Krishna and its tributaries in Gulbarga district have come as a blessing in disguise for a group of landless workers who have turned adversities into opportunities for earning some quick cash.

Sand washed down by the Lakshmipur stream, a tributary of the Krishna flowing on the outskirts of Surpur town, which has been deposited on agricultural fields on its banks, has become a source of income for these workers.

With the floodwaters receding, the owners of such agricultural fields have entrusted the task of clearing the sand from their land to small-time contractors, who, in turn, have employed landless workers for the job.

Wajid Mohammad, who has taken the contract of clearing sand from an agricultural field, told The Hindu that for every load of sand (one tractor trailer) collected, he had to pay Rs. 100 to the land owner and Rs. 80 to a group of four workers.

“I make a profit of Rs. 80 to Rs. 100 for each load,” he said.

Sand is being cleared from the fields along the stream for the last three days and “there is enough to be collected for another 15 days,” said Mr. Wajid Mohammad.

On average five tractors collect sand from the fields here every day and each tractor does five to six trips a day.


Flood water recedes; normalcy returns to APOctober 9, 2009

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