Secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), S. Varalakshmi has appealed to the government to fix the minimum wage for workers in the unorganised sector at Rs. 10,000 a month.

Speaking at the third district convention of the CITU here on Saturday, Ms. Varalakshmi said that increasing the minimum wage to Rs. 10,000 a month was necessary, not only to help the workers, but also in the interest of the country’s growth. “As long as workers are reeling under socio-economic conditions, the country cannot achieve growth,” she said.

The State government had always supported owners, not workers, she alleged. “Time and again, the government has supported owners and penalised workers. The workers’ protests are often curbed by using police power,” she alleged.

Ms. Varalakshmi also appealed to the workers to respond to instances of atrocities against women. “Women are being treated like commodities. You should not only demand higher wages and job security, you should also raise your voice when there is injustice,” she said.