Governor Hans Raj Bhardwaj on Friday stressed the need for enhancing internal security to prevent man-made disasters. He called upon political elements not to interfere with the police system.

The Directorate of Home Guards, Civil Defence, Fire and Emergency Services observed “National Disaster Reduction Day” with an awareness rally and a mock drill on handling situations during bomb blast at the Manekshaw Parade Ground here on Friday.

Mr. Bhardwaj, who inaugurated the event, said he was calling upon the governments to enhance internal security in the light of the recent attack on churches in the State.

“Internal security should be strengthened and communal harmony should be maintained. If we fail in establishing this mechanism, there cannot be an excuse. We must be prepared to meet all kinds of disasters and calamities. Political elements should not intervene in police system. Police officials should freely discharge their duties,” he said.

He lauded the services of the Home Guards and fire force personnel during difficult times of natural calamities and mishaps, including recent flood and building collapse incident in Bellary.

Disasters can happen anytime. The impact of such natural disasters could be reduced with careful planning and they could be prevented, said Jija Madhavan Hari Singh, Director-General of Police of the Directorate.

The directorate has enrolled as many as 2,735 citizens to the Civil Defence and was aiming at enrolling 5,600 more citizens, she said.

She stressed the need of an institution to train children, students, citizens and the employees of various security agencies in handling situations during natural calamities and man-made disasters.

Mock drill

The Fire and Emergency Services personnel, Home Guards, City police and M.S. Ramaiah hospital staff participated in a mock drill on the rescue operations during bomb blasts. A huge crowd, including students of various educational institutions witnessed it.

Three bombs exploded at the “Shanthi Nagar” residential layout, which was created for the mock drill at the Manekshaw Parade Grounds. Three persons “died” and few were “injured.” The personnel “saved” many persons who were stuck in a structure that had caught fire and also put off the fire.

Later the participants, most of them being students, took out a rally on creating awareness on precautionary measures to be initiated during a natural calamity or a fire accident, on major roads. They held placards and highlighted the steps to be taken during calamities and disasters.