Jayakarnataka Janapara Sanghatane criticized former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda for not responding to the problems of Dasarakoppalu farmers who are agitating before Deputy Commissioner Office since 2nd of this month protesting against forceful acquisition of their land (591 acres) and demanding withdrawal of 6(1) notification.

Sanghatane state president Mr. Kumaraswamy said that the former Prime Minister Deve Gowda who represents Hassan in Lok Sabha had taken delegation of farmers to Delhi to agitate against NICE Company but when farmers in his own district are agitating, he had no concern for them. Addressing farmers and their families before DC Office, Mr. Kumaraswamy said that Mr. Deve Gowda is shedding crocodile tears and had no concern for farmers of his home district.

Mr. Kumaraswamy said Mr. H S Prakash Hassan MLA too had not responded to farmer's agitation and said this was not good from democratic point of view. Governments through its forceful acquisition of fertile land of farmers are doing politics on their burial. He said this had resulted in shortage of food production. In 2008, Karnataka produced 1.25 Lakh ton food grains while in 2009, it was reduced to 1 Lakh ton food grains.

Saffron is sacred in this country: Mr. Kumaraswamy said Tamil Nadu Government had announced that it had transferred all cases related to Nityananda Swami of Bidadi to Karnataka police but in fact no cases are transferred due to political pressure. He said the ashram of Nityananda Swamiji in Bidadi is not an ashram but a resort for foreigners and demanded Government to seize the ashram and arrest the Swamiji immediately. Referring to the statement made by Swamiji that he would enter ashram by 15th March, he appealed Government to arrest the Swamiji before he enters the ashram. He wanted the investigation of the case should be done by Director General of Police and not by the Deputy Commissioner Ramanagar as announced by Government earlier.

Criticized Sriramasene: Mr. Kumaraswamy had a dig at the Sriramasene activists and said the Sene activists object Valentine's Day and announce that they would arrange marriage of lovers but here the Swamiji is caught red handed and yet Sriramasene is maintaining stony silence. He demanded Sene to perform the marriage of Nityananda Swami and Ranjitha.

Jayakarnataka Sanghatane district president Umesh and taluk president Mohan also spoke.

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