On our query: Is the biennial Aero Show a huge waste of energy? V. Krishnaswamy writes:

When the world is gripped by issues like global warming, it is illogical that the Aero Show is conducted for the enjoyment of a miniscule fraction of the population. Though the analogy may seem weird, I can relate this event only to Mary Antoinette's extravaganza in 14th Century France. In stead, if top aeronautical brains develop innovative designs of kites, those kites can be fabricated and flown much to the enjoyment of the young and old. We will be doing yeomen service to Mother Earth.

Our question this fortnight: Actor Hema Malini filed her nomination papers from Karnataka for elections to the Rajya Sabha amid a frenzy of media activity. She told the thronging journalists that she was grateful to the State Bharatiya Janata Party for fielding her as its party candidate and she “will do a lot of things for Karnataka”. Will Bollywood's ‘Dream Girl' deliver the goods?

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ResponseJanuary 13, 2011