The film-goer should decide, say film-makers

Amid the controversy over film dubbing, Nyayakkagi Naavu has opposed any curbs on dubbing and has said that curbs would not be in the interest of film-goers.

Speaking to presspersons here on Friday, film-maker Rajendra Singh Babu said that film-goers should be given the choice in the issue.

“If the film-goer does not like them, dubbed films will go. We should see dubbing in the competitive spirit,” he said.

Stating that non-Kannada films should be opposed and not dubbed films, he said: “We will support the film fraternity if the fight is to restrict non-Kannada films that are posing problems to Kannada films. Earlier, a non-Kannada film could be released in 27 cinemas in the State that helped the Kannada film industry also. However, now a non-Kannada film is released in 300 cinemas bearing serious repercussions on the film industry here.”

According to another film-maker Agni Sridhar, the issue of dubbing should be seen objectively and the film-goer should be allowed to decide. “We have to face the challenges in a globalised world. Our producers have to get onto the national stage on their own strength,” he said and added that local talent that connect well with the film-goers here would continue to do well even if dubbing is allowed.

He said that some films or television serials that are made with large investments should be dubbed in local languages as the local film industry does not have the financial clout to produce films or serials on a larger scale.

He also allayed fears that dubbing would result in loss of jobs.

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