In response to the report “Will Congressmen facing charges be considered for Cabinet posts?” that appeared in these columns on May 14, Byatarayanapura MLA Krishna Byre Gowda has sought to clarify that the Lokayukta Court has not referred the complaint against him for inquiry. In his rejoinder he has said that anyone can file a petition in the Lokayukta court. However, it is only if the judge finds prima facie evidence that he will refer the matter to the Lokayukta police for investigation, which has not happened in his case. Denying allegations that there was an exchange of favours between him and Bearys, the builders of his apartment, he said that his was a “legitimate purchase paid with legitimate income and bona fide loan”, and that the transaction happened much before he became an MLA from Bangalore.

Stayed: Deshpande

Responding to the same article, counsel for Haliyal MLA R.V. Deshpande has pointed out that the case against him, which had been earlier referred by the Lokayukta Court for investigation by the Lokayukta Police, was subsequently stayed by the High Court of Karnataka.

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