The BJP is now going slow on their disqualification

The ongoing efforts by a section of the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders to bring the former Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa back into the party appears to have come as a blessing in disguise for four MLCs loyal to him. It may save them from disqualification from the Upper House.

The BJP had filed a petition before the Council secretary seeking disqualification of six of its MLCs in January for allegedly indulging in anti-party activities after they publicly associated themselves with the Karnataka Janata Paksha. The number dwindled to four subsequently as two of them quit the Council membership.

But the BJP, which had pursued the matter relentlessly earlier, is now going slow after the commencement of efforts to get back Mr. Yeddyurappa.

When asked by reporters on Wednesday on the delay in disposing of the petition seeking their disqualification, Council Chairman D.H. Shankaramurthy said “the ball is in the petitioners’ court” and he cannot proceed until the petitioners themselves acted on it.

He explained that according to the norms, the proceedings to the petition would be similar to the civil court proceedings. “Based on the complaint by the petitioners, we have sent notices to the MLCs whose disqualification has been sought. They have sent their replies and the same has been forwarded to the petitioners for their response. But the petitioners have not responded and we cannot proceed further till they respond,” he said.

BJP MLCs Ashwathnarayana and Somanna Bevinamarad had filed a petition before the Council Secretary before the Assembly elections seeking disqualification of MLCs Bharati Shetty, B.J. Puttaswamy, Shivaraj Sajjan, Mohan Limbikai, Mumtaz Ali Khan and M.D. Laxminarayana on the grounds that they had identified themselves with the Karnataka Janata Paksha despite getting elected to the House on BJP ticket.

However, the case against Mr. Limbikayi and Mr. Sajjan was dropped as they quit their Council seats

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