A large number people participated in processions taken out in different parts of Dharwad district on Friday to mark Id-e-Milad.

People of all ages participated in the colourful processions taken out amid elaborate security arrangements.

Id-e-Milad is celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi-ul-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.

Muslims celebrated the occasion by distributing sweets and new clothes.

Of the procession taken out in Hubli, the one that started from Badi Masjid near Ganeshpet and another from Ghousia Madarsa were prominent. The procession that began from Ganeshpet passed through Bindagi Oni, Bandiwad Base, Durgad Bail and Asar Mohalla before culminating at Asar Mohalla Dargah in Old Hubli. The other one which started from Ghousia Madarsa passed through Bankapur Chowk, Veerapur Oni and Mulla Oni before culminating at the Asar Mohalla Dargah.

Several political leaders, including A.M. Hindasageri, Jabbar Khan Honnalli, Ismail Kalebudde, Anwar Mudhol and Babajan Mudhol participated in the procession.

To facilitate smooth movement of vehicular traffic during the processions, the police had imposed restrictions on certain road stretches in the twin cities in the afternoon. Senior police officials monitored the security arrangements.

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