CM goes hammer and tongs at UPA government

Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar on Monday challenged the Congress to cite specific instances of corruption instead of making general allegations of corruption to “tarnish” the government’s image.

Speaking at a meet-the-press programme organised by Bangalore Reporters Guild and Press Club of Bangalore, he said: “I want to ask Rahul Gandhi, who is a national leader and also touted to be the Prime Ministerial candidate, to give a specific instance [of corruption].” Congress as the main Opposition party in the State did not raise the corruption issue in the last nine months despite there being three legislature sessions, he said.

On the other hand, there are specific instances of corruption in the United Progressive Alliance government at the Centre related to 2G, defence helicopter deal, coal scam and employment guarantee scheme, he said. Congress has no moral right to talk about corruption, he said.

Mr. Shettar termed the Congress a “leaderless” party and said: “While BJP has declared me as the chief minister candidate, Congress has not dared to do so. If it does, there would be chaos of greater magnitude than the one witnessed during ticket distribution.” While all Congress leaders are calling BJP government corrupt, State government departments are being given awards by the very same Congress-led Union government for better administration, Mr. Shettar sad. At the same time, the Centre has not been favourable to the state government in granting funds, he alleged.

Mr. Shettar also attacked the Karnataka Janata Paksha and said its main aim was to defeat the BJP. The party has secret understanding with the Congress for this purpose. However its purpose would not be served and KJP may not get more than four seats, he said. Mr. Shettar said that the BJP government had brought in revolutionary changes in the administration, citing waiver of farm loan and bicycle scheme for students among others.

Mr. Shettar sought fresh mandate for BJP, repeatedly stressing the nine months’ clean administration of the party under his stewardship.

“Not only have I completed the remaining nine months term amid constant speculation about the fall of the government, but also presented the budget without any black mark or allegations of corruption,” he said.

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