An association of licensed beef traders in the city has sought Home Minister K.J. George’s intervention to ensure a conducive atmosphere for trade.

In a memorandum to the Minister, Ali Hasan, president of the Jamiattul Saad Association, said that shops that sell beef — a trade that has been handed down over generations — were beginning to close down owing to the “atmosphere of fear” created after “attacks by Hindu rightwing groups” on cattle traders and transporters over the past few years. Apart from this, the previous government had misused the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board to clamp down on abattoirs in the city, the association alleged.

“Furthermore, using the recent brouhaha over the theft of cattle in the region, rightwing groups have increased their harassment. This is a ploy to close down our trade,” the memorandum read.

The consequence was that though the shops were authorised, the present generation did not want to risk joining the trade, and numerous meat-vending shops were being closed, Mr. Hasan said.

The association sought police protection for licensed cattle transporters and authorised shops.

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