Buying a site in a private layout? Ensure that it has not been allotted in an area earmarked for civic amenities.

For, it has been found that such areas have been converted into sites and sold to property buyers in many private layouts across the State.

Following complaints on the allotment of sites in violation of the layout approval norms of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, and also a report by the Karnataka Lokayukta, the Urban Development Department has issued two circulars fixing responsibility on officials.

It has stipulated disciplinary action against them too.

The Lokayukta, in its March 2013 report, asked the government to issue directions to the Urban Development Town Planning departments not to modify plans that would lead to conversion of designated CA areas. The report followed complaints received by the Ombudsman over the conversion of areas designated for civic amenities, parks and other public uses for formation of additional sites.

The report also suggested that the first instalment of sites in private layouts should be released only after these civic amenities areas were relinquished in favour of the authority concerned through a relinquishment deed.


Government circulars issued on August 6 said it was the responsibility of the commissioners of urban development, secretaries of town planning, and the chief executive officers of local bodies to prevent conversion of areas meant for public use.

“Many guidelines and circulars have been issued from time to time to prevent conversion of public places and relinquishment of these places to local authorities. Despite these guidelines and circulars, it has been found that places earmarked for civic amenities, parks and open spaces are being converted,” the circular said.

Disciplinary action would be initiated against officials if the norms were not conformed to, the circular warned.

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