The superstitious belief that “Amavasya” (new moon day) is a bad day to file nominations cuts across party affiliations.

Many follow suit

Bijapur Staff Correspondent reports:

This superstitious belief cuts across party affiliations on Wednesday. Speaking to The Hindu, Basavantaraigouda Patil, Congress candidate from Indi segment, said he was “not superstitious”, but was going “according to the wishes of elders”. M.C. Managuli, a Janata Dal (Secular) candidate from Sindgi, who was reluctant to be tagged “superstitious”, also did not file his nomination on Wednesday.

Shivaputrappa Desai, a BSR Congress candidate contesting from Muddebihal, however, admitted that he was “a believer in Hindu tradition” and would contact an astrologer to find out the “auspicious day” for filing his papers.

Sanjeev Bhat, a noted astrologer of the city, said he had suggested to many candidates to refrain from filing nominations on Wednesday. “I have advised them to file on April 15,” he said.

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