Bharatiya Janata Party veteran leader L.K. Advani was in Bangalore on Sunday to attend a religious programme.

He avoided any interaction with the media.

His visit had caused some interest in the wake of his own party MLC Lehar Singh, who has since been suspended, confronting him on the issue of corruption in the context of his recent remarks that he would have been “surprised” had the BJP won the Karnataka Assembly polls.

Mr. Advani, however, did not comment on this issue. .

Mr. Advani attended ‘Ananda Sindhu’, a religious programme aimed at spreading the message of proponent of the Adviata philosophy Adi Sankara, organised by Vedanta Bharati at Bangalore Palace Grounds. He said spiritualism had played a crucial role in uniting people cutting across caste and class lines in the country.

Mr. Advani left for Delhi in the evening.

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