Responses to The Hindu’s investigative report that appeared online on the mining scam:

Salam: Many have missed the point. As per The Hindu’s calculation nearly 25 million tonnes of steel was produced with the illegal ore (350 million in six years or 60 million per year less export is 40 million illegally used per year). If it be so, were our Excise and other government departments connected to the steel industry hand in glove with the mining lobby and earned their share? How is it possible that 25 million tonnes of unaccounted steel reached the market? Please do your homework. Is this confined only to Karnataka? The figures appear to be bloated.

Midhun: Very good reportage by The Hindu, expect more of these especially on Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

Naveen: Well done The Hindu. Great work. Great to see this kind of journalism still in this era, where people do what ever it takes for a bit of money.

Hope this is just a start and we can see some productive results and see that some of that money goes back to the government.

Koundinya: First of all, kudos to The Hindu and its team for the comprehensive analysis. The mind-boggling amount which Karnataka has lost is almost equal to Andhra Pradesh’s one year’s budget. Think how many people can survive and how much palpable development can a government do in a year. I wonder how people still vote for parties whose founders are blotted indelibly with corruption charges.

Only an investigation without any political influence can put the culprits behind the bars.

Deepak Kumar: Great work by The Hindu. Great research, best reporting (proper statistics) without sensationalism, without twisting. Just simple reporting of facts.

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