The Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, introduced for crediting LPG subsidy to the savings bank accounts of consumers, has stabilised in Mysore district but for minor glitches.

The scheme was launched in the district on July 1.

K.N. Shivalingaiah, lead bank manager, State Bank of Mysore, told The Hindu that 2,85,033 transactions or LPG refill bookings had taken place as on August 9, 2013 and Rs. 11.96 crore credited by way of subsidy to the accounts of LPG consumers in the district. There have been minor glitches attributed to errors such as wrong entry of bank account numbers or furnishing details of a dormant bank account, which would not be accepted, Mr. Shivalingaiah said.

He said there had been instances of consumers furnishing a dormant or inoperative bank account number and in some cases joint account held by them with their spouse. “Credit transfer fails in such cases. It is not enough if an account holder has kept depositing money in his/her account to keep it operative. There should be a record of at least one debit transaction every three or four months,” he added.

A few clerical errors have also been reported, according to Mehu Patel of Amardeep Gas Agency. He said the Aadhaar number of one Suresh was entered against the bank account number of one Nagamani.

Consequently, the LPG subsidy of Mr. Suresh was credited to Ms. Nagamani’s account in Metagalli branch of a public sector bank. However, Mr. Shivalingaiah said they were human errors which could be rectified and even the money be reversed to the account of the actual beneficiary.

Meanwhile, banks have completed seeding or linking of 62 per cent of the LPG customers’ documents, comprising their Aadhaar numbers and LPG consumer numbers, with their respective bank accounts throughout the district. The seeding percentage in the district is the third highest in the country after Wayanad (66 per cent) and Pathanamthitta (63 per cent) in Kerala.

As on August 25, there are 5,21,516 LPG consumers in the district (the number varies periodically due to cancellation, transfer, addition or deletion). Of them, 4,41,233 consumers have submitted their Aadhaar number to LPG retailers and the consumer numbers of 3,18,340 consumers have been linked to their respective bank accounts.

Mr. Shivalingaiah said seeding was being done on a daily basis and around 1,500 documents were being linked on an average throughout the district. It would be mapped by National Payment Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCI), the agency making the credit transfer to individual accounts of the consumers.

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