A 19-year-old girl, whose marriage to a 35-year-old man was arranged allegedly against her wishes, managed to get the wedding stalled by sending SOS SMSs to her friends, who, in turn, alerted TV news channels on Saturday. The wedding was scheduled for Sunday.

The girl, Lakshmi (name changed), a first year degree student and resident of in Banashankari 3rd Stage, alleged that her parents did not heed her request to allow her to continue studies and arranged her marriage to her father’s superior in HOPCOMS. She alleged that she was kept locked in a room and denied access to her relatives and friends.

Lakshmi somehow managed to get her mother’s mobile phone and sent two SMSs to her friends seeking help. Her friends forwarded the SMS to TV news channels, who, in turn, sought the help of a women’s organisation, according to sources. Members of the women’s organisation rushed to the jurisdictional police station on Saturday and sought help, following which Lakshmi and her parents were brought to the station.

Lakshmi in her statement to the police said her parents had arranged her marriage against her wishes. She refused to go back to her parent’s house. The police warned Lakshmi parents and told them to cancel the wedding. The parents, however, refuted Lakshmi’s allegation stating that she had consented to the engagement which took place a month ago.

The police have not registered any case.

Keywords: forced wedding