“This year second worst in terms of percentage departure from normal for Cauvery basin since 1970”

As the Cauvery imbroglio is continuing between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu causing tensions, the Karnataka government has claimed that it has been facing the worst distress situation since 1970 due to poor southwest monsoon.

The state government, in a statement released here on Wednesday, suggested that “it is prudent to evolve a well-defined mechanism to resolve the conflicts with mutual trust and consensus. The good rains of the northeast monsoon in Tamil Nadu cannot make good the distress in Karnataka which is dependent on the southwest monsoon”.

The Cauvery basin of Karnataka had recorded deficit rainfall of (-) 36 per cent during May-October 16, 2012.

“This year has been the second worst in terms of the percentage departure from the normal for the Cauvery basin in Karnataka since 1970. The earlier worst situation was in 1976. However, 1975 was a normal year in terms of rainfall. Hence 2012, preceded by subdued rainfall in 2011, stands out as the worst since 1970”.

Karnataka had ensured flow of 55 tmc feet by October 16, 2012 to Tamil Nadu by depleting the already inadequate storages from its reservoirs. The northeast monsoon would arrive in the next couple of days and the forecast from the National Centre for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) indicates very good rain over Tamil Nadu.

“It is the general experience that the deficit inflow at Biligundulu up to September is invariably made good during October – December”.

During the last 21 years, the flow during October to December at Biligundulu recorded by the CWC was in the range of 35.65 TMC to 168.54 TMC with average of 90.53 TMC. The Tamil Nadu government, being fully aware of the distress conditions, needs to desist from seeking judicial intervention prematurely in the beginning of September itself.

“It is prudent to review the situation by the end of November during the years when rainfall during the SW monsoon in the Cauvery basin of Karnataka is deficit by 10 per cent and more,” the government said justifying its position on the issue.

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