Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee received a letter from the former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on Tuesday, in which Mr. Kalam thanked her for proposing his candidature in the coming Presidential elections and for her “ceaseless efforts” in the matter.

In his letter, dated June 19, Mr. Kalam, who issued a statement on Monday stating his decision not to contest the polls, also regretted the “disappointment I have caused to you.”

“During this short interaction, I saw, in you, a great leadership quality of ‘graceful politics.’ Your firmness for a cause, honesty for the cause of the nation, particularly your courage and determination to sacrifice the golden political throne, is indeed graceful politics,” said the letter.

Ms. Banerjee, who has been making public statements exclusively through Facebook since Friday, uploaded copies of the letter and her reply on her Facebook page.

In her reply, the Chief Minister said she was “deeply touched, obliged and overwhelmed with the sentiments” expressed by Mr. Kalam and hailed him as a “friend, philosopher and guide” of the country.

“We Indians are proud of you, for your personality and achievements in the country and the world. Sir, I feel you are always in the hearts of the people,” Ms. Banerjee added.


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