Among the 21 judges of the Supreme Court who have put details of their assets on the court website, Justice Agrawal has no house or flat in his name. His spouse Manjula Agrawal has a flat at Indirapuram, on the outskirts of Delhi. It is valued at Rs. 43.54 lakh, of which she contributed Rs. 21.77 lakh. He has investments in mutual funds and securities to the tune of Rs. 2.40 lakh, Rs. 20.12 lakh in PPF, and Rs. 8.71 lakh in GPF; a second-hand Maruti 800 purchased for Rs. 1.58 lakh and Rs. 9.32 lakh in a savings bank account.

Justice R.V. Raveendran is a co-owner of a house at Basavangudi in Bangalore. It measures 3,500 sqft. and is valued at Rs. 10.48 lakh; an office unit, totally valued at Rs. 12.56 lakh including land, at Trade Centre, Dickenson Road, Bangalore; a residential flat valued at Rs. 5.57 lakh in Bangalore; and vacant plots valued at Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 2,09,600. Besides fixed deposits in banks, he has shares in 57 companies including 772 shares in Reliance Industries Ltd; 783 shares in Reliance Communication Ventures Ltd; 821 in Reliance Capital; 840 in Reliance Energy and 783 in Reliance Natural Resources Ltd.

Justice Raveendran’s wife Vasanthi Raveendran has shares in 43 companies, including 5 Reliance companies. Though he has mentioned about investment in fixed deposits, he has not given the amount of investment. The note says “the fixed deposits amounts are savings from rental income, dividends and interest accrued during the last two decades.”

During the commencement of the hearing of the ‘Reliance gas dispute case,’ he offered to recuse himself on the ground that he was holding shares in Reliance companies. But he was persuaded to remain on the Bench.

Justice Dalveer Bhandari seems to be the richest judge with assets and income worth over Rs. 1 crore. Besides an ancestral house in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (value not given), he has agricultural land valued at Rs. 23,000; a flat in Delhi valued at Rs. 9.02 lakh and land in Delhi valued at Rs. 2 lakh; a residential plot in Delhi valued at Rs. 7.67 lakh and investments including fixed deposits of Rs. 39,34,598, PPF Rs. 27,70,780 and GPF Rs. 60,73,871, and shares in various companies.

Justice S.H. Kapadia, who is likely to become the next Chief Justice of India in May 2010, is a tenant-member in the Judges Housing Society in Mumbai and has given the cost of construction as Rs. 20 lakh. He has Rs. 20-lakh investment in shares; fixed deposits of Rs. 3.85 lakh; PPF Rs. 12.50 lakh and jewellery, worth Rs. 1 lakh, received at the time of marriage. Under the column ‘vehicles,’ he says ‘none.’

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