A photo-journalist was injured when a police officer allegedly opened fire to force a group of lensmen to leave a building in the vicinity of the hotel where two holed up militants were killed in Lal Chowk area of the city, but police said it was a case of accidental firing.

Amaan Farooq, working for a local English daily, was injured in the thigh when a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) allegedly opened fire while clearing a building of the scribes covering the encounter, another photo-journalist who was part of the group said.

Police, however, said the officer’s weapon went off accidentally and preliminary investigations revealed that the bullet hit the ground. The injury was caused by a flying stone as a result of the bullet hitting the ground.

“The officer also slapped another photo-journalist Yawar before firing his weapon,” the lensman said.

He said they entered the building only after the encounter ended. “The officer accompanied by his guards came running to force us out. When we protested, he pointed his pistol towards us and threatened us to leave.”

The injured was shifted to SMHS Hospital where he was given the first aid and referred to Bone and Joints Hospital.

“A medical examination showed no bullet inside the body,” a doctor on duty said.


Encounter ends with killing of two militants January 7, 2010