: Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley has accused the UPA government of not “being sincere” in getting the Lokpal Bill passed in Parliament.

In a letter to anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, Mr. Jaitley said while his party was pursuing legislation, the government had “diluted” the Bill and was not inclined to allow its passage.

Mr. Hazare had written to the BJP leader to ensure the passage of the Bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Mr. Jaitely said in his letter that the BJP and himself were fully committed to the highest norms of public accountability and, therefore, believed that the Lokpal should be brought into force immediately.

Certain suggestions that were made by the Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha were dropped.

The government was not even keen on placing before Parliament the “diluted” Bill, he said.

Mr. Jaitely said the “entire Opposition rallied against the provisions contained in the Bill as passed by the Lok Sabha that sought to create a ‘Sarkari Lokpal.’ Since we were committed to passing legislation of the Lokpal, instead of the same being rejected , we suggested major amendments which would have created the Lokpal as a credible institution.”

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