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Updated: February 8, 2014 14:06 IST

Ishrat Jahan encounter case: Guilty should be punished, says Shinde

Sandeep Joshi
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Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Thursday said those guilty of alleged fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan should be punished. File photo
The Hindu
Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Thursday said those guilty of alleged fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan should be punished. File photo

Sibal rubbishes BJP’s charge that Congress misuses CBI

A day after the CBI filed its first charge sheet in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Thursday said all those found guilty should be punished, even as his Cabinet colleague Kapil Sibal rubbished the BJP’s charge that the Congress was misusing the CBI and accused the Narendra Modi government of taking out “innocent lives.”

On Wednesday, the CBI filed the charge sheet, naming four Intelligence Bureau (IB) officers for allegedly facilitating the killing by generating fake intelligence inputs and by being present at the scene.

“Facts are facts… Guilty should be punished,” Mr. Shinde told journalists here, when asked about the CBI’s submission that it was probing the role of IB officials in the alleged fake encounter.

Significantly, senior IB and the Home Ministry officials have been defending Special Director Rajinder Kumar, Assistant Director (Ahmedabad) M.K. Sinha, Deputy SP Rajeev Wankhede and P. Mittal, saying there was not enough evidence against them.

In its charge sheet, the CBI said the unlawful killing was a joint operation of the Gujarat police and the IB and named seven Gujarat police officers as accused. It said Ishrat and three others were abducted and killed in a staged encounter by officers and men of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch.

Baseless charge: Sibal

Mr. Sibal said the BJP’s charge that the Congress was misusing the CBI were baseless, pointing out that the premier investigating agency was not probing the case at the instance of the Centre and that the probe was being monitored by court. “How can we misuse the CBI? The CBI is not investigating this matter at our instance, and many of these matters are investigated by the court, and the court is monitoring it [the probe].” He said, “I wish [BJP president] Rajnath Singh had reacted sensitively to this matter. Instead of saying the CBI is used, he should ask how the Gujarat police were being used, but the right question is not being asked. He should be asking his own people and Narendra Modi how this happened in Gujarat. They should be worried about lawlessness in Gujarat, and how State officials were complicit in …taking [out] innocent lives through fake encounters.”

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The government of India and cbi is playing a very dangerous game with the secular fabric of the nation. the consequences will be more severe than the bhindrewala which this notorious party had created in the 80s.

from:  Jaggu
Posted on: Jul 5, 2013 at 05:59 IST

Home minister must find out how and why the intelligence under him is acting at the behest of RSS and BJP and hounding the Muslims?This has been going on for several decades with impunity and would continue if goes unchecked.Congress never does these but allows these things to happen to create a sense of fear among the minorities.

from:  Nasar
Posted on: Jul 5, 2013 at 01:09 IST

That's true. When there are these "fake" encounters in larger numbers in
many states, all the investigations seems to center on Gujarat. Perhaps
this focus will intensify in coming days; Media is quite powerful - they
selectively focus on certain facts and turn a blind eye to many others.
We will be subjected to more filtered news and views now, and perhaps
will never know the truth before it is too late.

from:  Premod
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 19:51 IST

When Supreme court of India has indicted this UPA Govt for
treating CBI as a parrot in a cage, no Indian will believe
the report submitted by the CBI. What a great disaster our
wonderful Govts have converted this Investigating bodies
as their own tools to be handled in the way they want.
If Ishrat Jehan is not a terrorist why shud she be in the
midst of such undesirable elements who have been termed
as terrorists. Will the Honble home minister answer this question?

from:  Gopu
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 16:45 IST

These short sighted, petty politicians are the ones undermining Indian
values and system. They are the ones who are creating the insecurity
feeling inside the minorities. But they don't care (they give a
damn)about what damage they do to India's long-term stability. As the
Hon'ble Home Minister told earlier, people will forget everything (who
cares about them) and our only objective is to kick out our enemy (who
stays in the way to power). Congress seems to say "We will use caged
parrot to create problems to Jagan Reddy but will protect Mulayam and
Mayawati as long as they support us. And we are sure that with the
network that we built up in the last 60 years of golden rule that the
jealous people call as looting we can undermine any institution at our
own will. As long as these Indians cannot help but bow before the last
name Gandhi our motto is eulogize our leaders. We are intelligent
enough to come up with some tricks to make people vote for us."

from:  Vish
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 16:06 IST

We live in a strangle world where the killing of 3 terrorists is being debated and the Home Minister always comments in a case that will prove him a "Secular".
CBI must be made independent completely to have an independent investigation.

from:  shekhar
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 16:02 IST

Come on The Hindu, pls move away from these meaninglessness remarks of politicians. These are meant for some other papers who sell on hype.

from:  Kiran
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:52 IST

Leading states in fake encounter according to NHRC between 2002-07, Uttarpradesh(231), Rajasthan (33), Maharashtra (31), Delhi (26), Andhra Pradesh (22) and Uttaranchal (19). When so much is happening in other state, all the ruling party, visual media and print media is behind Ishrat and Shorabuddin case for obvious reason. Media should not be biased and ruling party should not have different yard stick to different ruling states.

from:  Manjunath
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:43 IST

Shinde ji why has the CBI agency not probed the antecedents of Ishrat
and the others, who party leaders insisted had links with the Lashkar-e-
Toiba ?

from:  J.S.Acharya
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:39 IST

The chargesheet filed by the CBI in the Ishrat Jehan case is strangely
worded. It says that the woman is not a terrorist but her aides are. If
that be so, then what is the term that can be used to refer to a person
(male or female), whose assistants are terrorists? And what is the
nature of the job in which they were helping her? Perhaps, a lexicon
prepared by some “secular” linguists may contain an explanation for

from:  K.S.Jayatheertha
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:28 IST

the same way Mr. Shinde shd be punished for making notorious comments like: "Earlier, the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten. Once hands are washed off coal, they again become clean." Isn't he accountable to people?

from:  Hiron
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:19 IST

yes Mr.Shinde guilty must be punished in the case of Jharkhand
misdeeds by the state government & the CM

from:  mrrbadran
Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 at 15:07 IST
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