‘Major military-industrial complexes in eastern Ukraine are doing their job’

India may be in a fix over its ties with Russia and the West’s sanctions against the country, but it can heave a sigh of relief as far as its military interests in Ukraine are concerned.

Ukraine accounts for 30 to 40 per cent of the former Soviet Union’s military-industrial complex and hence, smooth and uninterrupted functioning of these factories is of vital significance for India.

Even before India cemented its ties with Ukraine during the visit of the now-ousted President Viktor Yanukovich in December 2012, the Defence Ministry developed close ties with the Ukrainian defence industry.

Ukrainian factories with close ties to the Russian military industrial complex are modernising the entire 100-plus AN-32 military transport plane, considered the lifeline for troops in far-flung areas in India such as Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Generations of Indian naval engineers are familiar with Zorya-Mashproekt, where they picked up their basic lessons in maintenance of high-performance naval engines. And, most of India's military helicopters are dependent on engines supplied by the Ukrainian companies.

No disruption

According to reports reaching here from Ukraine, till now all major military-industrial complexes in its eastern part — which is close to Russia and has a substantial Russian population — are “doing their job.” There has been no disruption in the military-industrial operation.