To explore commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies, and creation of high-tech products

A focused meeting of Indian and Russian equipment developers and business leaders will be held in New Delhi from October 16 to 18 to promote commercial application of innovative technologies and new research and development (R&D) projects between the countries.

The roundtable is expected to draw about 100 participants who will explore mechanisms for commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies and creation of new high-tech products.

It is the first in a series of get-togethers organised by the Indo-Russian Centre for Science and Technology (S&T) set up last December with branches in Moscow and Delhi.

“The main goals set are to facilitate cooperation and create new linkages, develop industrial assets, promote new R&D and business projects,” the centre said. It also plans to organise regular exchanges of researchers, technologists and business people.

A delegation of Indian experts toured Russia last week to familiarise themselves with Russian technologies for long-distance radio communication and fabrication of silicon wafers and titanium sponge.

During the visit, the state-owned Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, which specialises in production of specialised metals and metal alloys, signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia’s VSMPO-Avisma Corporation, the world’s largest titanium manufacturer. The two sides agreed to explore joint projects for use of high-tech titanium products in aviation, automotive industry, energy and other spheres.

The Indo-Russian S&T Centre has been established to facilitate industrial applications of R&D work done in both countries.