An Indian-origin accountant was killed by her former boyfriend who stabbed her 20 times after he found out that he had been dumped, a court was told here.

Camille Mathurasingh, 27, was knifed 20 times in the kitchen of her home in Bow in April last year, after her former boyfriend flew in from Trinidad to try to win her back, the jury was told at the Old Bailey.

Paul Bristol, 24, admits manslaughter but denies murder.

Mathurasingh was a chartered accountant who had worked for Deloitte at their Liverpool Street office here. She had previously worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Trinidad. She met Bristol in Trinidad and they became close, and their relationship continued when she came to Britain in summer 2008, Simon Denison, the state prosecutor told the court on Thursday.

“E-mails up to the beginning of 2009 showed their affection to each other and they spoke of a future together,” said Mr. Denison.

However, with doubts in her mind about the future of their long distance relationship, Mathurasingh apparently decided to end the relationship with Bristol.

“She met a man here and started going out with him. It would appear she tried to bring about the end of the relationship with Bristol gently and didn’t tell him about her new boyfriend. He found out when he saw pictures of them together on Facebook,” he told the court.

Failing to accept that he had been dumped, Bristol decided to come to London to try and win her back.

Mathurasingh told her family that Bristol was harassing her and she did not want him to come to Britain.

“The day after he landed he went to her home. Only he can say what happened... and what led him to kill,” Denison said.

“He did so in a frenzied attack with a knife, stabbing her 20 times in the neck, chest, back hip and leg, and she died on the floor of the kitchen. He stabbed himself too then got in her car and drove off dangerously along Mile End Road,” the court was told.

Bristol, whose car crashed, was taken to hospital and spoke to the police, who later found the body, the court heard.

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