The Obama Administration is in discussion with both India and Pakistan trying to reassure the South Asian neighbours that they have nothing to fear from each other, a top U.S. official has said.

Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley said the Obama Administration believes that for a long term peace and stability in the region reduction of tension among countries in the region is very important.

“We are in an ongoing discussion with the Government of Pakistan and the Government of India trying to reassure both that they have nothing to fear from each side,” the Mr. Crowley, told reporters at a news conference.

He was responding to a question if India has expressed concern about where the U.S. military aid is going. This is part of the ongoing conversations with both the countries, he said.

“We understand that for the region to advance, for us to be able to reduce tensions and have greater regional cooperation on a range of issues, whether it’s building more commerce and trade among the countries of the world or dealing with the threat that does confront India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, other countries in the region.

It’s very important for us to reduce tensions and to have all sides have a clearer picture of the intentions of the other,” Mr. Crowley said.

“That remains an ongoing — it’s very important to us and it remains an ongoing conversation,” the State Department official said in response to a question.

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