India is looking to a top panel set up by Australia to address the concerns of Indian students, who have been targets of spate of attacks there, the External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has said.

“The high-level Group must have been now formed and I will have to get updated from our High Commission as to what happened at the first meeting of the Group which is supposed to address the concern of Indian students in Australia,” Mr. Krishna told PTI here.

He said: “We will have to give it a try, how that works.”

The Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith had assured Mr. Krishna here on Wednesday that a high-level working group would be set up by the federal government and the government of Victoria state to study the spate of attacks on Indians in that country.

Over 100 Indians, mostly students have been attacked in Australia since last year, and one of the attacks has been fatal.

Asked to comment on the outcome of the one-day London conference on Afghanistan, Mr. Krishna said “the conference, attended by over 60 Foreign Ministers, has served a very useful purpose for international community to understand various aspects involved with reference to Afghanistan“.

“I think, preparatory to this conference, all countries who were invited, have tried to formulate their own positions vis-a-vis the emerging trends in Afghanistan,” he said.